The Chosen Ones

It is terribly easy to use the doctrine of election as a source of pride. Being called into a special relationship with the Almighty One is truly astounding. It really does set us apart from those who remain outside of this relationship. And it really does place us in a different category and gives us special access to our God. So how do we avoid the immense stumbling block of pride which so easily leaves us face-down in the muck?

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Waiting on Resurrection

“What misery is mine!”

So begins Micah’s lament for his nation. The prophet is miserable because he looks out on the people of God and can’t find anyone who is godly. It seems as if everyone has turned away from Yahweh and are descending deeper into wickedness. The light of God’s word had shone among them and they shut their eyes, turned their faces, and retreated into the dark.

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The Cry For Independence – Part 2

Previously, I delved into some of the history behind México’s independence. This time around I want to go a bit deeper and look at some of the major threads which weave themselves through México’s history. I’ll do this through the lens of Miguel Hidalgo and the war for independence. I don’t pretend to be an expert on Mexican history, and especially Mexican politics, but I hope to highlight these common themes I have come across in my readings. Hopefully it will give you a better understanding of México and its people.

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