Hi, we are Scott and Annemarie Bredenhof and we have four children, Lewis, Elizabeth, Pearl, and Juliet. We are supported and sent out by the Abbotsford and Vernon Canadian Reformed Churches to begin mission work in the city of Santiago de Querétaro, México. It is our hope that this blog serves as a connection point between senders and sent ones, and that it will be a channel through which we can display what God is doing in México and in our own lives.

On the blog, you will find several different pages:

  • Mission in México – all things related to our work in México including regular updates
  • Los Domingos – devotional readings put out on Sundays (Los Domingos = The Sundays)
  • Culture Corner – writings related to culture and worldview, and how they interact with the living God
  •  A Genre Called Poetry – old poetry pulled from a dusty computer folder, and new poetry whenever inspiration strikes.

The blog name explained… A burrito in Spanish is literally a “little donkey” and so the Rabbi’s burrito is the little donkey which carried Jesus, a Jewish rabbi, into Jerusalem during the triumphal entry. Our task as Christians in the world, and our specific task in Mexico, is to be like that little donkey; humble ourselves in service to Christ.

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