That We Might Speak

Most of us have tried to learn a language at one point or another. For many this attempt came in the form of a required class in school. We had to learn French (or whatever language) and would show up to class (maybe?) and endure the lesson. Trying to learn a language without the motivation necessary usually ends up as an exercise in futility, as many teachers can attest to, including and perhaps especially, my own.

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Un Mundo Nuevo

We have now been here in Querétaro for three weeks.

In many ways, it has been a very different experience than our short visit almost a year ago. The most obvious difference is the permanence of it. While it is unlikely we will spend the rest of our lives here, we have committed for six years and our mindset is to settle in and inculturate as best as we can into our mundo nuevo. Continue reading “Un Mundo Nuevo”

Learning to Learn a Language

Last week at Mission Training International (MTI) we spent more time looking at the way language works and how we learn to communicate through a language. Our main language teacher is both wise and experienced—he first learned and then helped write down the language of the Jeh people group in Vietnam. He has developed a language learning method and during our first two weeks at MTI we got to put it into practice. With the help of native speakers, we went through a few of the many language projects we will be able to implement on the mission field. Continue reading “Learning to Learn a Language”

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