When the Spirit Moves – Part 4

This is the fourth of a four-part series on the Spirit of God in the book of Acts 

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From Ephesus Paul presses on to Jerusalem. In both the cities of Tyre and Caesarea Paul is warned by fellow believers not to go to Jerusalem. In the preceding chapter, Luke mentions that Paul had also been warned “in every town” of the chains and suffering that awaited him in Jerusalem. Even though it is the Holy Spirit warning him, Paul resolves to forge ahead and finish the work set before him. It seems the Spirit is not forbidding Paul to travel back to Jerusalem, rather, he is making him fully aware of what lies in his path. This view is supported by the end result of Paul’s Jerusalem visit which accords with God’s plan for Paul: a visit with Caeser in Rome. 

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Blessed To Be A Blessing

May God be gracious to us and bless us;

may he make his face shine upon us


The opening words of Psalm 67 echo the priestly blessing found in Numbers 6 and are thus familiar to many of us. Over the centuries these words, originating in the tabernacle worship of ancient Israel, have been used countless times as part of the Christian worship service. Perhaps as you read this verse you imagined yourself standing amongst the congregation and hearing the preacher pronounce the Aaronic benediction with uplifted hands.


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