Good Goodbyes

We have arrived back in beautiful British Columbia after completing our last week of training at MTI (Mission Training International). It was a bittersweet goodbye. Bitter because we said goodbye to many people we came to love and cherish over the last month, but also sweet because we have gained new friends and because we are now one step closer to moving to México. Continue reading “Good Goodbyes”

A Blizzard, A Rebel Army, and A Sabbath

This past week at MTI we touched on the following topics: cultural differences, conflict, transition, spiritual vitality, stress, and Sabbath. The MTI instructors do a wonderful job of keeping us on our toes by switching up both the schedule and the teaching methods. For instance, we’ve had team-building exercises, role-playing, and simulations sprinkled in between short lectures and class discussions. No day is the same. Continue reading “A Blizzard, A Rebel Army, and A Sabbath”

Learning to Learn a Language

Last week at Mission Training International (MTI) we spent more time looking at the way language works and how we learn to communicate through a language. Our main language teacher is both wise and experienced—he first learned and then helped write down the language of the Jeh people group in Vietnam. He has developed a language learning method and during our first two weeks at MTI we got to put it into practice. With the help of native speakers, we went through a few of the many language projects we will be able to implement on the mission field. Continue reading “Learning to Learn a Language”

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