Oh the Irony

Young boy trapped in a prison of pain
Success is money; it's talent and fame
He hates himself cause he's not the same
His worth is defined by his guilt and shame
And nothing will wash the deepest stain
So one cold night in the dark and rain
He points a gun to blow his brain.

And everyone cries tragedy
Why does this have to be?
Tears flow because it's sad to see
A precious life turn into vanity

Young girl now, with a rare disease
It hurts to fight, it hurts to speak
The body breaks, the spirit's weak
Cause death is a relentless beast
Better to give in, than burden these
So a doctor hands her pills of ease
She slips away on a summer breeze

And everyone applauds bravery
Why should she suffer needlessly?
Sweet tears flow merrily
For a girl who broke the chains of slavery

Oh the irony
Oh the irony
One life is tough, tearful tragedy
The other is bold, beautiful bravery
And woe are we
Woe are we
If we fail to see the inconsistency

- circa 2013
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