The Truth For a Lie 

One of the functions of the Bible is to provide us with a trustworthy framework for life. Like a map we consult when we are lost in a maze of crisscrossing streets, the Bible orients us in the world so we can tell which way is which. Not only does the Bible keep us on the right road, but it ensures that we are not surprised or taken off guard by the sudden turns or dead ends.

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The Feast of the Flaying of Men

To be the victim was an honour. To have your heart cut out and lifted to the skies was your gift to the sun. To have your blood poured out onto the gladiatorial stone meant access to the paradise of the House of the Sun. Courage and integrity belong to the one who is ready when death calls. Honour is bestowed on he who does not falter in fear but desires the knife of demise and savours the scent of death. Continue reading “The Feast of the Flaying of Men”

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