Un Mundo Nuevo

We have now been here in Querétaro for three weeks.

In many ways, it has been a very different experience than our short visit almost a year ago. The most obvious difference is the permanence of it. While it is unlikely we will spend the rest of our lives here, we have committed for six years and our mindset is to settle in and inculturate as best as we can into our mundo nuevo. Continue reading “Un Mundo Nuevo”

One Small Step

The first leg of our move to Mexico is complete.

On the first of February, we said goodbye to Hamilton and five hours later, hello to British Columbia. Many thanks to Burt and Helena Winkel for allowing us to stay at their place for a night so we didn’t have to sleep in an empty house with no beds. We also appreciate the myriad of ways in which people assisted us: cleaning the house, babysitting kids, selling our van, driving to the airport. It certainly takes a village of help. Continue reading “One Small Step”

Empty Rooms and Full Boxes

We are one week out from leaving Ontario and landing in British Columbia. As with most moves, it is the final weeks and days which are busiest. A good chunk of our belongings have been sold or freely given away and we have reduced our earthly possessions to a dozen or so suitcases/Rubbermaid bins and five boxes of books. For various reasons, we made the decision not to send a van-load down to México, but to pack most of it down via suitcase instead. Continue reading “Empty Rooms and Full Boxes”

Health Matters

Several weeks ago Scott had some tests done to try to identify the cause of his gastrointestinal issues which have plagued him for some years now. The results of these tests recently came back and he was able to discuss them with his naturopath. The first test was simply checking for SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) and came back positive. SIBO is a condition which occurs when bacteria that normally grow in other parts of the gut start growing in the small intestine. It causes pain, diarrhea, and malnutrition. It is treatable through antibiotics, herbal supplements, and diet, although there is a high rate of recurrence since these treatments do not address the underlying issue (which is often unknown). Continue reading “Health Matters”

Many Are The Plans

On the occasion of our last update, we were rejoicing in being able to sign a contract with the Abbotsford and Vernon churches and had begun to take some concrete steps forward. There have been a few new developments on this front, such as booking flights and, more importantly, securing visa appointments at the end of January. Apparently, the Mexican Consulate in Toronto will only see two family members a day so we will be making three separate trips to the Big Smoke. If all goes well we should have our Temporary Resident visas within 10 days subsequent to the submission of the applications. After these appointments, our plan is to head west to B.C. to spend time with Annemarie’s family and our supporting churches, as well as to meet with the Mission Board face-to-face instead of screen-to-screen. Following this, we will hop one province over to visit Scott’s family for a while, before boarding another plane and heading to Colorado Springs for one month of pre-field training at Mission Training International. Upon completion of this training, our next step is to fly back to B.C and make last minute preparations. Finally, we hope to board one more plane (hopefully the last for a while) and jet off to Querétaro, México. Continue reading “Many Are The Plans”

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