Possessions, Papers, and Publishing

Two weeks ago we took a leap forward in our journey towards México. Our contract with the Abbotsford and Vernon churches passed through the necessary channels and has now been signed by both parties. This has been an occasion for much rejoicing and thanksgiving. Behind the formality and legalese of the contract is an agreement between two congregations of Christ and one family, to partner together for the advance of the Gospel and the glory of God in México. Coming to this official agreement allows us to move ahead with our planning and preparation. We are now scheduled to attend pre-field training in Colorado Springs at the end of February. This will last a month and involves the following:

Practical Skills in Make or Break Issues

Understanding How to Learn a New Language

Preparation for Personal Vitality and Healthy Relationships

We have heard great things about this program and are excited to begin. We thank those who have made it possible for us to attend.

A second step forward has been my visa application process. Currently, I (Scott) am gathering together the necessary documents and will have to trek out to Toronto for an interview at the Mexican Consulate. I have been forewarned by others to be prepared with plenty of patience,  but hopefully, the process goes smoothly. In addition to the visa application is various other paperwork related to moving to a foreign country.

Another task which occupies our time is the logistical challenge of moving to México. We have decided it will be easiest to sell a majority of our possessions (most of it is not worth a lot anyway) and repurchase items in México. There may be the possibility of having a van-load driven down, but there are time, cost, and personnel questions to factor into that equation. In any case, the whole process will be a lesson in storing up treasures in God’s storehouses, not our own.

Finally, we have decided to step out into the congested blogosphere and start our own blog. Our intention is that this would be the go-to place for those interested in our ministry. This update will be included on the site in addition to all future updates. The blog will also be home to some of our own writing, thoughts, and tidbits relating to life on the mission field and, more generally, to Christian life. We will see how it evolves over time, but at the very least we hope it provides a connection between the senders and the sent ones, serves as an impetus for prayer. It is also our aim to send out a quarterly (?) newsletter with updates about the ministry in México, so keep an eye out for this in the future. 

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  1. Hey, Scott and Annemarie, this is so great to read! How exciting! We will have to read more on all your plans and vision, etc. Sorry about not being able to get together in Ontario. We were busy getting ready to go back to Ecuador when we got your message, then we had trouble getting our visas renewed to go back. Got delayed with the requirements, then just got them on Monday and then quickly came back today to Ecuador… three weeks late. We’ll have to touch base sometime. Do you use Skype or FaceTime?
    Anyways, God’s blessings in this whole process for going to Mexico! We’ll be praying!
    Fred and Arlene


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