Yay Ducks + Yuck Ducks

At our training at MTI in Colorado we learned to think about life, and specifically life on the mission field, in terms of paradox (i.e.“pair o’ ducks”). There are “yay ducks” and “yuck ducks” and they often swim together. It’s ok to be both happy and sad at the same time. The past couple of weeks have been full of both yays and yucks.

Some examples: 

Yay! We finally have a place we can call home! We love the house and neighbourhood – it is a safe neighbourhood, very close to a big, shady park with paths and playground, and has a delicious bakery and produce store a short walk away. The house is spacious and even has a little room out back which we should be able to use for guests (we welcome any visitors to come and stay with us!).

Yuck! There is a long list of little repairs that need to be done and the property manager has been slow responding to our messages. There is also a long list of purchases that we still need to make to furnish the house.

Yay! My Amazon order of pots and pans came within a day! Yuck! We had to stay at the new house all day waiting for it while kids were cranky from lack of beds for naptime and we were exhausted because we had no couches or chairs to sit on.

Yay! We have a new minivan! Yuck! It took most of the week to get the insurance in order. Yuck! On the way home from the dealership, the van got a flat tire and almost ran out of gas. Yay! Scott was encouraged that he has survival level Spanish and was able to communicate enough to get the tire repaired.

Yuck! Annemarie got locked out of the house with two kids in 30+ degrees. Yay! She met the neighbours and found out they are Christians!

Yuck! We’ve been having a lot of issues with our Canadian credit cards not working, and having to pay too much interest and currency exchange fees to withdraw cash (and everything is paid with cash here, even our new minivan!). Yay! We have money to take out of the bank.

Yuck! The cleaning lady that the property manager sent never showed up to clean prior to our move.Yay! God provided us with a nanny / language helper to come every morning. She is like an abuela (grandmother) for our children and speaks little English so we are all learning Spanish from her. Plus, she helped with shopping for furniture and cleaning the house. On Sunday she came to church with us even though she professes to be a Mormon!

Yuck! The AirBnB we were staying at had intermittent water service last week due to local construction. Yay! At least we could go to our new place instead.

Yuck! Our mattress didn’t show up because the online order was declined (without notice) by our credit cards. Yay! The next day we went to a store with our abuela and a mattress was delivered the same day.

Yay! Through a Facebook expats group we completed our list of needed appliances and God provided us with friends! We met a lovely American family who are expecting their third child and arrived in Querétaro just a month before us. They are also involved in mission work through Vida Joven (Young Life), and previously lived in Nicaragua for 11 years with the same ministry. They even identify with reformed doctrine!

While there have been many inconveniences this week and things have not gone perfectly, overall we are so thankful for God’s provision and the way he orchestrates our lives. He truly is sovereign and he truly is good! 

“LORD my God, you have done many things — your wondrous works and your plans for us; none can compare with you. If I were to report and speak of them, they are more than can be told.” Psalm 40:5

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  1. I love reading about your experiences, you certainly have some adventures, but happy that God has provided for you all. May God continue to bless you and guide you in your work. Love you guys.


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