The Burden

Once upon a time there was a man

Bent over so he could barely stand

Upon his back lay a heavy burden

And inside his heavy heart was hurtin’

Everywhere that this man went

He did so with a back that was bent

Anyone who tried to lend a hand

Was left wondering who can

Lift the burden off this man’s back

Because of his burdensome sack

Every man fell down to his knees

And asked for the pain to cease

For everyone who tried was flawed

But our Father sent the Son of God

To hang upon the wooden cross

And turn this hopeless, painful loss

Into a certain, joyful victory

And lift this burden off of me

This poem (circa 2004) is one of the earliest poems I wrote that I still have. It’s quite simple and speaks for itself. We all have burdens and only Jesus is strong enough to bear them all.

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