The Redeeming

Blinded heathen

Broken, bleeding

Barely breathing 

Human being


Root and reason

Eden’s treason

Serpent speaking

Eve is eating

Sin conceiving

Rebel scheming

Glory thieving

World is grieving 

Earth is heaving

All are screaming

Desperate, needing

Heaven’s healing

Blind and bleeding

Barely breathing

Weak and wheezing

Cross is heaving

Bitter eating

Final pleading

Father’s grieving

Son is beaten

Like a demon

Who’s the heathen?

Highest treason

Satan’s seething 

Satan’s ceding

Sin is leaving

Shame is fleeing

Blood is cleaning


Grace is leading

Heart believing

Faith perceiving

Story weaving 

All are kneeling

Raise the ceiling

Lamb’s revealing

Spirit sealing

God’s redeeming 

Heaven’s beaming

No more dreaming

Life is teeming

Full of meaning

Blind are seeing

Lame are leaping

Glory speaking

Keeps repeating

For the longest time (years) I had the following lines written down in some Word document:

Broken, bleeding

Barely breathing

Ever once in a while I would come across them again and they would bounce around inside my head for awhile. At some point I think I added a line or two, but for the most part they collected dust in a folder on my computer. A couple weeks ago I happened upon them as I was organizing my random collection of digital notes. I decided to finally do something with this meager beginning of a poem. Once I got going it was not difficult to finish, although I usually have a hard time calling a poem finished – there always seems to be some improvement that can be made.

Even though I had the first few lines of the poem, I had no idea where it would end up – obviously it would be about someone who was in a bad way and facing brokenness and death. I thought maybe it was someone running away from something. Somewhere in the process my initial lines reminded me of the One who was on a cross; broken, bleeding and barely breathing. That made me revise some of the first verse to better reflect the direction of the poem. All the blood and brokenness of verse one is taken up by Jesus on the cross in verse two. But of course Jesus didn’t stay on the cross. His death redeems and transforms. And so I needed a third verse. It started out with: “faith perceiving”, and I added on from there. The heavenly scene at the end brings the poem to a satisfying conclusion.

To be honest, I’d like to let the poem sit around in a folder for awhile longer so I can tinker around with it, but alas, maybe it’s better to let it out into the open.

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