Christ King

Christ King,

chose to cast his crown to clay,

condescending as a child in a cradle

clad with common clothes.

Come to connect creation to Creator,

according to command of covenant claim and

cross colossal crevasse to

cancel the course of the chronic curse,

accepting the cup and cost to acquire 







chosen children.

Come to comfort the crying,

console the conflicted,

calm the confused,

confront the corrupt,

cancel the cancer,

kindle the candle,

correct the compass, and

conclude the closing chapter.

Come to collect a countless constellation of kin, and

cultivate a company of catechumen conforming to

Christ-like conduct,

conviction of creed,


charity and


Came carried on a colt across a canvas of cloaks and

corridor of chants calling for conquest,

craving a crusade,

confusing courage for a coup.

Consequently clashed with class of clout and

cleared the currency changers

changing the consecrated cathedral into a coop of crooks.

Cheated by counterfeit’s calculated cheap kiss on cheek.

Caught, cuffed and kept in counsel’s custody.

Called to circus court and

convicted of uncommitted crimes.

Chased as chaff and

cast as carrion to the confines of the camp.

Clung to center cross in company of criminals as

crowds clamored in commotion

calling cone-capped King a coward in a corner.

Cruel chaos and calm compassion collided at the crux of the cross in cosmic conflict.

Christ was crucified,







choked and

cried out as collected curse consumed his core.

Critical condition caused cardiac crash and

chest collapsed to crimson cascade. 


Closed in coffin cavern to keep as a cold corpse continually. 

Satan smiled. Success.

Saviour Son



stopped and

struck silent.

Shrewd serpent slithered to snatch the souls of susceptible saints. 


Christ cracked the casket.

Cut the chains,

clipped the cords,

cleaved the curtain,

columns crumbled,

Canaan conquered.

Crafty conniving creature crushed.

Capture accomplished.


Crimes cleared, covered, clean and corrected.

Case closed.

Conquering King carried on chariot clouds with

keys to celestial city’s country.

Cue cherished chosen children’s choir

casting crowns and

composing continual chorus of Creator’s Kingdom come and the


Christ King

– circa 2016 (revised in 2019)

Paradoxically, creativity can thrive within boundaries. By imposing certain boundaries, one can find news way to “think outside the box”. That is what I’ve tried to do with this poem. I’ve limited myself to words beginning in “c” and “k” (and a few with “s”). Putting this restriction in place forced me to find different ways to say something: and that is when creativity thrives. For example, one could say that “Jesus came down from heaven to take on human form.” That is a perfectly fine and wonderful statement. But in restricting myself to “c” and “k” words, I was forced to come up with something different: “Christ King chose to cast his crown to clay, condescending as a child in a cradle”. Same idea, but new, creative way to say it. You can be the judge whether I’ve succeeded in writing ancient truths in a new and creative (and sensible) way.

P.S. I actually read through the “c” and “k” sections of the dictionary for this poem: voluntarily, and multiple times.

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