10 Things We Love about Mexico

After being in Canada for the past two month we are back in Mexico. Our time up North reminded us of some of the things we miss about Canada – the parks, the outdoor activities, the diversity of people and food, etc. It is easy to be constantly comparing life in Mexico with life in Canada, and while that is inevitable to a point, it is not a good habit to fall into. It is a good practice to learn to love what you can about the place you are in. That doesn’t mean ignoring the hard or ugly parts, but it is best not to dwell on them and slip into discontentment. So, with that being said allow me to list ten things we love about living in Queretaro, Mexico.

1. The Food – Mexico has a rich cuisine tradition and many of the dishes are simple, tasty, and affordable.

2. The Climate – Warm; sometimes hot; never cold, and almost always sunny.

3. The Street Vendors – From the guy who will sharpen your nail clippers to the “Marimba” players (see pic below), it is always interesting to see who’s coming down the street.

4. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables – Good prices and year-round availability! It’s not hard to shop local around here.

5. Pan Dulce – There are lots of bakeries around selling “sweet bread” to go with your coffee in the morning.

6. The Historic Center – The city center has many old colonial buildings, beautiful plazas, and cobblestone streets.

7. Tolantongo – A resort 3 hours drive away that boasts an impressive cave and a volcanically-heated river coloured by mineral salts.

8. The Beach – While the nearest beach is located 6-8 hours away, at least we can drive there!

9. The Markets – The traditional markets are jam-packed with vendors selling their wares and are full of colours and smells.

10. Repair Shops – If it’s broke, fix it! Around here there are a good number of repair shops where you can get most anything fixed, including bicycles, sewing machines, shoes, electronics, etc.

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