Moving Plans

The last couple weeks we were in Canada we spent a lot of time looking at houses to rent, or even buy, here in Queretaro. Our rental lease for our current house was coming up and we were not sure we wanted to sign for another half a year, so finding a place to rent became top priority. Together with the Mission Board we had decided that we would move into a community closer to Pan de Vida and focus our outreach efforts there. We felt that it was important to maintain the relationships and community that we have at Pan de Vida and that it would be easier to do that if we lived closer. We wanted to move forward with that plan as soon as possible, thus we were considering moving as soon as we returned from Canada. 

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Un Mundo Nuevo

We have now been here in Querétaro for three weeks.

In many ways, it has been a very different experience than our short visit almost a year ago. The most obvious difference is the permanence of it. While it is unlikely we will spend the rest of our lives here, we have committed for six years and our mindset is to settle in and inculturate as best as we can into our mundo nuevo. Continue reading “Un Mundo Nuevo”

Empty Rooms and Full Boxes

We are one week out from leaving Ontario and landing in British Columbia. As with most moves, it is the final weeks and days which are busiest. A good chunk of our belongings have been sold or freely given away and we have reduced our earthly possessions to a dozen or so suitcases/Rubbermaid bins and five boxes of books. For various reasons, we made the decision not to send a van-load down to México, but to pack most of it down via suitcase instead. Continue reading “Empty Rooms and Full Boxes”

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