Moving Plans

The last couple weeks we were in Canada we spent a lot of time looking at houses to rent, or even buy, here in Queretaro. Our rental lease for our current house was coming up and we were not sure we wanted to sign for another half a year, so finding a place to rent became top priority. Together with the Mission Board we had decided that we would move into a community closer to Pan de Vida and focus our outreach efforts there. We felt that it was important to maintain the relationships and community that we have at Pan de Vida and that it would be easier to do that if we lived closer. We wanted to move forward with that plan as soon as possible, thus we were considering moving as soon as we returned from Canada. 

Once we got back to Mexico, we looked at several houses, including one where a husband and wife had divorced and had decided to split their property in half with a chain link fence, meaning that we would be living on one side of that fence. Needless to say we passed on that house, as well as a couple others. 

In the end we decided that we would rent a house owned by Pan de Vida. It had been used as a house for the girls who were transitioning from life in the orphanage to life outside. We had been told it was available to rent and liked the idea of renting from Pan de Vida and knowing that our rent money would be supporting a good cause. It was also in one of the communities, Santa Barbara, we were looking at moving into, and so the house checked a lot of boxes for us. 

The house needed a few repairs before we could move in, so we signed another six-month lease for our current house giving Pan de Vida time to do the necessary work on the house. Lord willing will move into the new house in May. In the meantime we are trying to find ways to begin outreach in Santa Barbara, as well as continue with some of the work we were doing prior to furlough. We are hoping to have a book table at the local market as a way to get to know people, and I have been working on creating some gospel tracts that we can hand out. We are praying for other opportunities in the community, including a space that we could rent as a ministry center.

While we are excited to be moving, and think that for the long-term it will be for the best, we will also be sad to leave our current neighbourhood and some of the people we have gotten to know or are starting to get to know. We’ll also definitely miss the park nearby which we frequent almost daily, and the ability to walk to so many places in the city. We are thankful that we will have several months to make the transition from our current place to our new place and that in the end we didn’t have to move right after we got back from Canada. Another reminder for us that it is always best to trust in God’s timing!

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