God Answers Prayers!

Only three days into our time in Mexico, and we have already been experiencing God’s answers to prayers, so we want to share these experiences with you.

Prior to our departure, I (Annemarie) was quite concerned about how we were going to cart our children around on the cobblestone streets and narrow sidewalks of Mexico, so I and others that I shared this concern with had been praying that God would provide. While in Colorado, I was on Craigslist, Kijiji and FB Marketplace nearly every day in search of a suitable Phil and Ted’s stroller (others obsessed with strollers will understand why). I never found one. But two days after returning to BC, my mother found one only ten minutes’ distance from their house. It has been serving us very well in the airports and in Mexico.

While we have travelled frequently with children (Lewis has been on about 25 flights in his 3.5 years), we were dreading our long travel day to Mexico. Our flight departed at 6:45am from Vancouver, we had a five-hour layover in Houston, TX, finally arriving in Queretaro at 8:30pm. Hundreds of people prayed for us and we truly experienced God’s strength. Our two older children (ages 3 and 2) did not cry at all for the entire duration! Travel within airports was not easy, but we managed pretty well to corral our children and luggage (thankfully we did not have to pick up the checked baggage in Houston).

Other specific prayer requests we have given was for finding housing, a vehicle, house help and a language helper. While on the airplane, we met a young Mexican family from a city a few hours from here, and the wife has been contacting friends in Queretaro and messaging us frequently with suggestions on how to go about finding these things.

Before leaving our home in Ontario, we purged most of our possessions, including kids toys. Today, Scott and Lewis took a taxi (great language practice) to Walmart and found the ideal toy for him: a Duplo airport. He is obsessed with airplanes and loves Duplo.

The list goes on: Today, I wandered into an artisanal market and met someone who offered to help in any way she could, and she may assist us in language and cultural acquisition. We were concerned about being spiritually fed while we didn’t yet have a church family, but we recently came across a few possible churches for us to attend. When we visited last year, we had difficulty finding any playgrounds, but yesterday we found one within walking distance…

In short, thank you for your prayers! They are powerful because our God is powerful! His providence has already been so evident in our lives and for that we are so thankful! Some more specific prayer requests that we have are that we would find a suitable home and vehicle, a church family, more language help, and that we would have persistence in learning the language.




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  1. Thankful that you have arrived safely and have already experienced how God provides for even the smallest details in this journey. Our prayers are with you as you adjust and begin the wonderful task of your ministry in Queretaro.


  2. Ang and I wish you all the best as you settle and find your way in Mexico. We will pray for you and hope God will continue to bless you.
    Ang & Ed de Haan


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