Here We Go

One last quick update before we fly tomorrow.

Since returning from training in Colorado we have been busy with last minute preparations and visiting. Abbotsford and Vernon Canadian Reformed Churches are the two supporting and sending churches and so after a few Sundays in Abbotsford, we spent part of last week in Vernon. It was good to put faces to names and to receive encouragement for the task ahead. Throughout our travels of the last few months, we have experienced much hospitality and have been cared for in many ways. Vehicles, meals, housing, and much more have been provided for us. We are immensely thankful for all of it!

Last Sunday we worshipped in Vernon and in the afternoon Pastor Iwan expounded on the providence of God. History does not unfold according to blind luck or impersonal fate. On the contrary, it all happens according to the will of a personal, loving, and righteous God. As Christians, we do not do our best, cross our fingers, and hope things work out. We place our lives and all the innumerable details of it in the caring hands of the living God.

As we leave for México tomorrow this is our comfort and our confidence. We know that God is good and sovereign and he will care for us. He knows all things and is working them out for the good of those who love him. We need not be anxious (as difficult as this may be at times) because God works out even the difficult things for his glory.

So, here we go. Early tomorrow we take the next step in our journey and board the plane for México. Please pray for safety and smooth transition.

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