En Canada

We arrived in Canada, via Vancouver, almost two weeks ago. It only took about twenty-four hours of travel time thanks to thunderstorms and delays in Denver. All things considered, it actually went quite well.  

It’s been a bit of a weird trip so far. It’s a mix of time off with family and friends, and working on Spanish, visas and other little details. It’s also a mix of feeling at home, and yet not being at home. We are enjoying the things we miss about Canada, while at the same time missing the things we enjoy about Mexico. I guess we will have to get used to the feeling. 

We came through Vancouver so we could apply for a visa for Mexico. We thought we had our application in order, but apparently they need more paperwork. So that was pretty disappointing. The bright side was a beautiful day in Vancouver! More than likely we will have to return to Mexico on tourist visas and work at getting the required documents. The whole process is definitely a lesson in patience and the providence of God: a lesson we struggle with at times. 

Presently, we are in Alberta for Scott’s brother’s wedding and enjoying the “summer” which is struggling to make an appearance here. The hour or so flight from Vancouver to Edmonton seemed like a breeze after our earlier trial flight. One result of frequent flying is that our son is fascinated with airplanes and airports – to no one’s surprise. He can’t decide if he wants to be a pilot or a preacher. MAF maybe?  

Thanks to our parents we were able to get away, without kids, to the mountains for a night to celebrate our five year wedding anniversary. It was a good time to relax and reflect on God’s goodness to us over these past years which have been full of both delight and difficulties. We have experienced a lot of uncertainty and change as we have sought to follow God’s leading in our life. The benefit of this is that abstract doctrines like the providence or presence of God, which we are so familiar with, become something real and tangible. For this we are grateful. 

We have have another week here in Canada before we return to Mexico. It will be good to back in the thick of language learning and delicious tacos. Please pray that the transition back into daily life will be smooth for all of us and that we will continue to be persistent and patient in the language. We appreciate your support and interest in “our” work, which is just a very small part of what God is doing across the world. Gracias!

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