Still Waiting

Things haven’t changed much since the last time I wrote, about a month ago. We are still waiting at home. We are still waiting to see when things begin to open up and we can resume some of our regular activities. We are still waiting to see what the full impact of COVID-19 will be. We are still waiting to see how this will impact our ministry here.

But most importantly, we are waiting on the LORD. As I’ve said before, COVID-19 hasn’t disrupted God’s plans, nor has it taken him by surprise. That is really comforting for us. We could not have imagined how much our lives would change by this virus and its effects. There is a giant heap of plans rotting out back in the garbage bin and we are sitting around trying to make new plans. If that doesn’t humble us I don’t know what will.

Waiting on the LORD doesn’t mean we literally sit around and wait until things change. We make plans and try to imagine different scenarios playing out so we are properly prepared. We look for opportunities to serve our neighbour, speak truth, create beauty, grow in faith, and so on. Waiting on the LORD means we go about our lives with a calm trust in His complete control over both our present and the future. We are waiting for things to change, to go back to work, to make a visit, to start a project, but we do it knowing that whatever happens, and whenever it happens, we are secure in the care of the LORD. We take time to be still (we have lots of time lately) and to know that God is God.

That is what we are trying to do. I’ll admit, it has not been easy at times. I feel stuck and unproductive at times. And I really want to take the kids out of the city and go walk around in a forest somewhere and breathe in fresh air. But instead I’m still waiting, and trying to be still while I’m waiting.

We’ve found a pretty good routine that has helped to create some structure to our waiting. With three little kids running around, and one baby to keep them away from, we don’t have to look far for things to do. We are thankful for that, honestly. But we do more than break up fights and change diapers.

We continue to chip away at our Spanish learning through audio lessons, YouTube videos, and reading and writing in Spanish. My Spanish tutor is helping with editing some of the writing I’ve done and that’s been helpful. We’ve used Monday evenings to learn a bit of Mexican Sign Language. The church we attend here has a ministry to those in the deaf community and so we would like to be able to communicate with them a little.

We also have had the opportunity to donate some food to people who are distributing it to poorer communities. We’ve noticed an increase in the amount of people coming to our door looking for work (e.g. clean the van, sweep the sidewalk) or food. Many of them are coming from outside the city because there is no work there due to the shutdown. In addition we are trying to buy from the local stores in our neighbourhood so that they can stay in business. We want to do more, but it is hard to know what to do when you are not supposed to leave the house.

We are praying that this pandemic would soften the hearts of many and that, as their plans for the future go up in smoke, they would realize their need for a better confidence and hope. Please pray with us and pray that God would give us the wisdom we need as we navigate uncertain times. I pray that we would all be able to be still and wait on the LORD. Those ancient words are still amazingly contemporary: “Be still and know that I am God.

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