Update from Tepic

We are currently in the city of Tepic and our time here is reaching its conclusion. To give you an idea of what we have been up to I’ll tell you about some of the activities we have been involved with. 

Sunday Services

We have been very thankful that we are able to attend the Sunday worship services here, something not to be taken for granted these days. Over the course of the internship we have been able to be part of: voting and installation of an elder and deacon, a wedding, Lord’s Supper, a fellowship in the park, and a worship service in the park. The last three Sundays, Scott has led the Sunday school service and taught from some of the minor prophets. It definitely takes a lot longer to study for, write, and deliver a message when it is Spanish!

It has be beneficial for us to be part of the communion of saints here and to be able to see a Reformed church in Mexico. It also has been good to chat with the Van Dykens and Bouts (who were in Tepic visiting, and who started the church plant 20 years ago) and to learn from the blessings and challenges they have experienced along the way.

OANSA Kids Club

Several weeks back we helped run a kids club in a neighbourhood just outside the city. In the week leading up to the kids club we handed out flyers door to door to get the message out. We even strapped a loudspeaker to the roof of the van and drove up and down the streets announcing the upcoming kids club. Somehow I don’t think that would be as acceptable in Canada. 

The week of the kids club we headed out to a dirt soccer field each afternoon, set up all our equipment, and waited for the kids to show up. The first day of the club about 20-30 kids attended and each day that number grew steadily. We played games with the kids and then had them memorize a bible verse while they coloured a picture from a bible story. After some singing someone gave a short message about a bible story. The last day we offered a meal of hotdogs to the kids and their parents. 

It was a good experience to be part of the planning and execution of the kids club and it gave us some ideas for what we could do in Queretaro. It is always exciting when God gives you the opportunity to speak into the life of someone else and you know that they might be hearing the gospel for the first time! 

Bible Studies

In addition to the regular bible studies in the church, Scott has also been attending a study in a drug rehab house. Rev. Van Dyken leads the study and is making his way through a book on recovery from addiction. There always is a lot of interest from the men in the rehab house and they love to sing, and debate! 

Anyway, that’s a few of things we have been involved with. We are thankful that despite Covid and the many restrictions on daily life we were able to do the internship and it has gone relatively smoothly. In just over a week we plan to return to Queretaro where we will have a couple months before we, Lord willing, make a trip back to Canada. Those plans could change of course, but as always, we try to remember that all our plans are in the Lord’s hands and we know he’s working all things for our good, even when we can’t see. Romans 8:28.

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