Kids Club Continued…

This past summer we ran a week-long kids club (vacation bible school) in the neighbourhood where we are ministering and one of our goals was to follow that up with a weekly kids club. We were not quite decided on the exact format, but in the weeks that followed the kids club, we made sure we were at the sports court on Thursday afternoons with soccer balls, basketballs, chalk, and skipping ropes so we could play with the neighborhood kids. 

We had a few kids show up and one mom who was keen on the idea, so we were feeling pretty positive about the potential for the kids club to grow and be an effective way to reach out into the community. 

And then the sports court closed for some repairs; I think to put up some lights, which were needed. But, over a month later and it is still closed, and were not quite sure what the hold up is. We spoke with the local delegate and he said he would talk to someone else and get back to us. At the moment we are still waiting. 

From our narrow human perspective, the closing of the sports court seemed like terrible timing. We were frustrated and complaining about how slow anything gets done around here and how if they were going to close the court for a month they should at least clean up the garbage and fix the holes in the roof and the drainage pipes that clog up and leave a huge puddle on the west side of the court. But we had to stop and remind ourselves that God always knows what he doing and little details like a closed sports court are not outside of the wide sphere of his sovereignty. 

We have found that one of the recurring lessons on the mission field is patience and trust in God’s plan. It is not easy because very often God’s plan doesn’t line up with what we think should happen or want to happen. Ultimately that is a good thing because God has a much bigger perspective on things and much grander goals for his work here in Queretaro. 

We think a week, two months, or three years from now, while God thinks on a global, eternal scale. We are too often more worried about seeing fruit and feeling like we are succeeding, while God is concerned about our sanctification and making it obvious to everybody that he is the One in control and the One who deserves all the glory. 

So we keep working on having patience and trusting that God’s plan is the best. And praying that the court opens again soon and that the kids club would be an effective gospel outreach. Would you pray with us?

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