One Small Step

The first leg of our move to Mexico is complete.

On the first of February, we said goodbye to Hamilton and five hours later, hello to British Columbia. Many thanks to Burt and Helena Winkel for allowing us to stay at their place for a night so we didn’t have to sleep in an empty house with no beds. We also appreciate the myriad of ways in which people assisted us: cleaning the house, babysitting kids, selling our van, driving to the airport. It certainly takes a village of help.

Our flight went well, with just a few minor hiccups, and upon landing in Abbotsford we were greeted with a warm welcome. About twenty degrees warmer. That being said, we haven’t quite escaped winter. The Fraser Valley is currently under a snowy white blanket and Edmonton, our next destination, remains in a deep freeze. I doubt the Promised Land of Israel ever experienced -40-degree weather, but they did experience snow and cold. Consider the words of Psalm 147:16-17:

He spreads snow like wool;
he scatters frost like ashes;
he throws his hailstones like crumbs.
Who can withstand his cold?

Indeed, who can withstand his cold? I’ve often asked that myself.

Our two week stay in BC is almost up. It has been good to be in Abbotsford for Sundays and get to know some of the members there. We are grateful for their support. Both of us grew up in this corner of the province so it has felt a little bit like coming home, although a lot has changed.

We leave on Friday for Edmonton to visit the Bredenhof side of the family. From there we travel south to Palmer Lake, Colorado for a month of pre-field training. Please continue to pray for safety as we travel and for Scott’s health as it has not improved as of yet.

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