Looking Forward

Less than three weeks and we will, if the Lord wills, be in Canada! The plan is to spend two months there and return to Mexico in October. There is a lot to look forward to; seeing family being at the top of the list. We look forward to getting out into nature and doing some day trips with the kids. We look forward to worshipping in our home church. We look forward to a road trip to Alberta. We look forward to sharing about our life and ministry work in Mexico. 

But we still have three weeks to go and there is work to be done here. We are hoping to do one more bible study before we leave; colds and flus and the like have hindered us over the last while and we haven’t been able to meet quite as often. 

The school at Pan de Vida is finishing up next week so Scott will have one more week of English to teach. Annemarie has taught a few classes of sewing since we returned from Tepic and is planning a few more. Several weeks back we had the neat experience of joining the Pan de Vida orphanage on a overnight trip to a resort called Tolantongo. It is situated by a thermal river and includes a large cave with water pouring in through the top.

We won’t be continuing our food parcel delivery once we return from Canada. We are thinking the Covid-situation will have improved by that time, although who knows since all restrictions currently remain in place and haven’t changed much since last fall. In any case, it feels like a good time to end what was always going to be a temporary project. With that said, we’ll be doing a couple more deliveries before we go. 

We were busy planning for a kid’s club but due to the weather (rain) and rising cases of Covid (again) we decided to postpone until we get back. We had pitched the idea to some of the ladies in one of the communities where we have brought food parcels, and they were on-board and offered their help. It’s a bit disappointing to have to postpone it, but I guess we’ll have to practice some more patience.

In many ways it has been a long two years since we were last in Canada and I’m sure for the first couple days Canada will feel quite strange to us. I’m also sure it won’t take long before it feels like home again, although there will be parts of Mexico we will miss as well. Along with multiple Covid-19 tests, we will have to stay in a hotel upon arrival and be in quarantine for two weeks afterwards. But apart from that we are looking forward to being on Canadian soil again, and seeing some of you.

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  1. It was lovely to read your post Scott and Annemarie. We look forward to possibly seeing you somewhere along the line while you’re in BC too! I always enjoy reading your posts, your joys and encouragements, as well as those nasty hiccups and disappointments that you face from time to time. Have a safe trip north. May God keep each one of you, the young and the older, in His everlasting and strong arms! Best wishes from Uncle Jake and Aunt Lee



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